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A social media app based on creating positive and good content in the world.

The design was made under the company 360 up.

the main problem

There are a large number of social medias in the world. Some of the problems created in these medias are disrespectful and negative discourse, boycott, fake news and the like.

Because of the freedom of expression and the ability to stand behind a keyboard without thinking about the consequences of the words, a negative form of communication was created which can do irreversible damage.

the solution

A social application that is based on conversations, good deeds, volunteering and giving.

The social app allows a safe place for different stories and conversations and the audience's way to respond is to say thank you and not criticize.

In addition, the social application wants to bring the "average person" closer to volunteering, good deeds and the good values of Judaism.

user research

I conducted a small survey and interviews with different people who use social networks in order to understand their pain points, their expectations and their behavior in the digital space.

The results:

role analyst

There are several roles that can use the product.

A private person - who only watches the content.

A private person - who watches and rarely uploads content that is intended for his close environment.

A public person - who watches and uploads content with high frequency and wants to promote his content in an organic or sponsored way.

I will present here the role analyst of one role which is a private person - who watches and uploads contents with low frequency which are intended for his close environment.

market research

There are a large number of social medias in the market and many users.

The leading social networks in the market are:

Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and more.

Each social media is intended for a different need and a different target audience (as of today there is no social application based on volunteering and creating good).

In addition, the form of the content varies from one application to another and you often narrow down the preferred way of different users to consume the content.

UG is the only application that allows the creation of different and positive content online and the promotion of positive dialogue with censorship.

Information architecture

user flow

Process of sending a note to the Western Wall:


Prototype link:

ui design

The design included creating a design system, brand language, color research, creating icons, creating illustrations and more.


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