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A home financial management system.

The project was carried out under studies in the uxer course - complex systems.

the main problem

The main problem I concluded from the research is the difficulty in managing and monitoring the household's current income and expenses.

The reasons for the problem are:

38% procrastination and avoidance - users avoid monitoring because they are afraid that they will not succeed, and therefore do not try to manage financial expenses and income.

35% knowledge - lack of understanding of financial issues and fear of asking and finding out about a subject they have no knowledge of.

40% have between 3-6 people in the household - the various expenses for each family member, separate accounts and multiple credit cards make management and monitoring difficult.

32% budget - failure to meet the budget and inability to save due to urgent and unexpected expenses and purchases.

the solution

One system that allows all parties to communicate together and increase the user's knowledge.

The system enables a broad audit of all household expenses and income while providing knowledge and suggestions for various solutions that will allow the user to conduct himself correctly.

user research

I conducted a small-scale survey and interviews with different people with different incomes and households, in order to understand their pain points, expectations and goals regarding the product.

The results:

role analyst

The main role in the application is managing the household.

His control level is basic-medium but it is the highest in the house.

Familiarity with the app is basic.

Familiarity with the household is basic.

His financial understanding is between basic and advanced, the more he uses the app, the more his knowledge will increase.

market research

There are a very wide number of products on the market for financial management.

Starting with banks, credit companies, investment companies, personal bankers, various consultants, insurance companies, digital wallets and applications that handle these issues in addition.

Their main disadvantage is either a lack of synchronization between all of them and the inability to see all the data in one place or a lack of real-time synchronization with the bank account.

Information architecture

user flow

The central flow of the application:


Prototype link:


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