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Website for management lawyers.

The design was made under the company 360 up.

The Role

When a lawyer in a small to medium-sized company handles a client or a new case, there are several processes involved in handling the case.

Each process is carried out by another department or another position which causes delay and additional costs in each case or client.

In addition, there are several different systems that hinder the process and the transparency of the work both with the additional works and with the customers.

When there is a short in communication between the various parties, a poor handling of the case results.

the solution

One system that allows all parties to communicate together.

A system that will know how to manage day-to-day tasks, that will allow transparency between the various departments, transparency with clients regarding their legal case, financial management and increasing existing clients and thus increasing economic profit.

In addition, the system should allow for quick and efficient treatment.

user research

I conducted a small-scale survey and interviews with lawyers in small to medium-sized companies (up to 25 employees in the company), in order to understand their pain points, expectations and goals regarding the product.

The results:

role analyst

There are several roles that can use the product.

Lawyer - partner in the company, junior lawyer, lawyer - intern, legal secretary, teaching assistants, office managers, accountant, bookkeeper and more.

I will present here the role analyst of two jobs: lawyer-partner and legal secretary.

market research

There are several products on the market that lawyers use.

The leading products in the market are:

LEGAL - management software - suitable only for the financial aspect.

RIVHIT - management software - suitable only for the financial aspect.

YODFAT - management software - suitable for the professional aspect of a lawyer in daily work on client files, a financial aspect can be partially carried out, not suitable for office management.

QILK - management software - suitable for the financial and administrative aspects of offices. It is not suitable for the professional aspect of a lawyer in daily work on client files.

Conclusion - there is no single software that connects all the factors together.

Information architecture

user flow

Process of creating a new task:


Prototype link:

ui design

The design included creating a design system, brand language, color research, creating icons, creating illustrations and more.


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