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A dating app that uses dating games such as trivia and memory games to create a fun and different interaction.

UX design

• Research

Competitive research - different dating apps and reaching conclusions about the existing problems and what solutions the app can give.

Target audience research - different personas and the different groups they are in, differences between genders, ages and the need to use the app.

User survey - The survey examined the target audience and their opinions in various dating apps.

• Conclusions from the surveys and their implementation on the website:

Adjustments without call - the app opens from a match to match.

A boring conversation - the games in the app allow for varied topics and the questions are displayed randomly, which creates interest.

Repeat conversation that feels like a "job interview" - the app produces a different topic of conversation independently.

An introductory experience different from different apps.

A pleasant way to end a call if the user is not interested in a match - the app asks at the end of the game whether to disconnect.

Call that takes too long - there is a timer in the game and options for managing the call outside the game if the users are interested.

• Execution of information architecture.

• Building different personas.

• Construction of wire frame.

• Build 6up for all pages of the app.

• Flow construction.

UI design

• Creating a brand language.

• Formal research.

• Color research.

• Logo.

• Branding language icons.

• Illustrations in the language of branding.

• Placement of the UX in the UI process.


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